Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bittersweet by Dallas Coleman

Twins Marcus and Micah have moved all over the country, trying to find a place to run their favorite business. They love their coffee shop, but there's always something, some sort of malevolent presence always ruins it for them. They don't know who or what it is that haunts them, only that they can't seem to escape it.
This time, though, they may have found just the right place to help them exorcise what ails them. Their new hometown has Spook, who has a pregnant friend, a demon belt buckle, and a way with spirits, as well as a host of other folks who are ready to take Marcus and Micah's problem on. Things get complicated quickly, and nothing is what it seems in this fast-paced urban fantasy.
by Dallas Coleman
Pages: 140 / Words: 32400
ISBN: 978-1-61040-393-1
Genre: Paranormal/Horror, Urban Fantasy
Age Rating: New Adult

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Secret to a Perfect Latke by Foxglove Lee

Noah has never been on TV before, but he dreams of having his own cooking show one day. When he's asked to help a gourmet chef prepare latkes for a Hanukkah segment on the Sunny and The Bear show, his family is proud but suspicious. Sunny and The Bear is a "lifestyle" show that's popular among straight women, but it's hosted by gay men. What's more, the guests on this show have an uncanny tendency to come out of the closet live on national television...
by Foxglove Lee
Pages: 11 / Words: 5300
Genre: Prizm Pinch, Contemporary
Age Rating: Young Adult

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Review Round-Up November 20-December 14

We hope you enjoy our latest Review Round-Up for Torquere Press and Prizm Books.  As always if you have additional reviews feel free to post them in the comments and share with us. Have a great weekend!

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Home Fires by BA Tortuga
Scarlet Blade by Jez Morrow
Too Careful By Half by BA Tortuga
The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall by Tam Ames

Rainbow Book Reviews

Wicked Gift by Sean Michael
Roman Dream by Vic Winter
Home Fires by BA Tortuga
Finding Kasey by Sean Michael
Jumpstart by Katherine Halle
Asian Persuasion by DC Juris
Tanned by BA Tortuga
This Old House (Box of Nails 1) by Sean Michael
The Party by Vic Winter

Coffee Time Romance & More

Wolf Moon by Vic Winter
Dromos by G. Arden O'feden
Attitude on Wheels by Sean Michael

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Werewolves Can't Fly by Berengaria Brown
A Hundred Lonely Halloweens by Ari McKay

Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Oubliette by Giselle Renarde
You Think You Know Someone by Glyn Soitino
This Old House (Box of Nails 1) by Sean Michael
Moonshine by Julia Talbot & BA Tortuga

BlackRaven's Reviews

Wolf Moon by Vic Winter

Elisa Rolle Review

Moon Shadows by Neena Jaydon

The Romance Studio

Puppy Love by Sean Michael

Hearts on Fire Reviews

This Time of Year by Missouri Dalton
Roman Dream by Vic Winter
Wolf Moon by Vic Winter
Attitude on Wheels by Sean Michael

Jessewave Reviews

Bone: Slip of the Tongue by ID Locke

Manic Reader Reviews

Roman Dream by Vic Winter

Fallen Angel Reviews

Silent One by Kari Jo Spear
Changing Jamie by Dakota Chase

Joyfully Reviewed

Taking Inventory, a Hammer novel by Sean Michael
Switch, a Hammer novel by Sean Michael
Finders Keepers by BA Tortuga
Bound by Blood by Aaron Michaels
Hoarse Play, The Briar Rose Bk 1 by Sean Michael
Birds of a Feather by Sophia Beaumont

Long and Short Reviews (formerly Whipped Cream)

Alabaster by Nick Hirsch
A Brown-Eyed Handsome Man by DC Juris
Taking Inventory by Sean Michael
Puppy Love by Sean Michael
Paper Cranes by Syd McGinley
Feeling Safe by Vic Winter
Dragon Soul by J.B. McDonald
Blabbermouth by Jamie Lowe
After the Show by Michael Black

Brief Encounters

Heaven's Heretics by Kathryn Scannell
The Party by Vic Winter
Play Dead by Julia Talbot
Snow and Mistletoe by TC Blue
Roman Dream by Vic Winter
Finding Kasey by Sean Michael
A Most Unusual Courtship by Nancy M. Griffis
A Delicious Smelling Leather Wallet by Dakota Dawn
Succulents by Chris Owen
Alabaster by Nick Hirsch

Reviewing Vixens

Too Careful by Half, a Roughstock story by BA Tortuga

Love Romances & More

Salamander Moon by Kate Roman

Affair de Coure Magazine (AdC)

Aisling Book One: Guardian
Carole Cummings
ISBN: 978-1-61040-108-1
When a detective Dallin Brayden comes upon a murder and a forgetful witness things get interesting. The fates seem to have an influence on what is going on whether or not Brayden likes it. After this investigation things will never be the same.

This has lots of potential but is a bit slow. The logic parts of this are enjoyable but it seems heavy at times. There could have been a little more action that would have left me wanting to read the next books in the series.

Lenore Lovecraft

Aisling Book Two: Dream
Carole Cummings
ISBN: 978-1-61040-249-1
The adventure continues in the book series. Dallin is on the case with Wil and his mysterious past that left him so scarred. The action has begun and will not stop until the past is revealed.

While the first book was a little slow this one was an improvement. The action took off and the paranormal elements brought things to life for me. If the author had placed just a little of the beginning of book two in the first one I would have been hooked for sure.

Lenore Lovecraft

Aisling Book Three: Beloved Son
Carole Cummings
ISBN: 978-1-61040-736-6
The third and last of the series with Dallin and Wil. They in this book finally get to the past events of Wil and it will forever change Dallin. Their lives are now bound by this knowledge. Their hearts might be as well.

This is the conclusion of the series and its well done. This series got better and better as I read from book one to book three. The conclusion was perfect for the story and the book was the best of the whole series in my opinion.

Lenore Lovecraft

Chris Owen
Torque Press
No isbn given

Gil and Wayne are lovers who work together. They are landscapers and love what they do as well as each other. It is only natural that all that tension from work would need to be worked out at some time.

This is a great short. It was steamy and had enough story in it to make it a perfect one for me. Gil and Wayne also had a seemingly natural way of interacting in the story that made it believable.

Lenore Lovecraft

Play Dead
Julia Talbot
Torque Press
No isbn included

Kayne and Beck are werewolf lovers trying to hole up in an abandoned building. It is not as empty as expected when the vampire Frank happens to be living there. This discovery leads to an interesting steamy interlude that the gentlemen will not forget any time soon.

This is a good story overall. It was a little rushed for me. The vampire could have played with them more before they got to the more naughty parts. That would have made things a little more suspenseful and more intense on the naughty parts.

Lenore Lovecraft

Bone:Slip of the tongue
Id Locke
Torquere Press
ISBN: 978-1-61040-381-8

When the mage Ivriah summons a demon to release his tension after battle he gets a surprise. He summons the wrong demon and gets Orajin instead. This may initially seem like a mistake but ends up being a pleasant surprise neither will regret.

This is the kind of story I like. It had a good plot and the good naughty parts that the readers love. The scifi/magic theme has been overused these days but this story is an example of how do it right.

Lenore Lovecraft

Sean Michael 
Torquere Press Publishers 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-376-4 

Ewan needs some more training to gain position in the hammer club. Master Randall has offered him the training he needs for 3 months. As expected training is difficult but will this arrangement be just what they both need?

This is the kind of book that the hardcore lovers will flip for. The author is one of the best in this particular style and theme. Having read many in this theme I do have to say that is going to go just where you want it to.

Lenore Lovecraft

Devilwood Lane 
Lucia Moreno Velo 
Prizm Books 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-732-8

The devilwood lane home is finally rented out to the Jefferson's and their three children. While the place is being fixed up suspicions arise about the new residents moving into the creepy house. What is really happening behind closed doors.

This book has all the makings of a great story. The setting was great and the wolf love affair could have been great but it just seemed to take too long to get there. If the pace had been picked up the rating would have been better.

Lenore Lovecraft

Attitude on Wheels: A Velvet Glove Story 
Sean Michael 
Torquere Press Publishers 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-392-4 

Carson Mercer is in a wheelchair and hates it. He goes to the velvet glove to find he has a roommate Harrison he did not want or expect. Harrison does not scare easy which is good because he is Carson's therapist. Can they be exactly what the doctor ordered to heal Carson's jaded soul.

This was yet another story from this author. He did a great job at developing the conflict between the characters. This is a first for me but I felt the story had too much swearing in it for me.

Lenore Lovecraft.

Dallas Coleman 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-393-1 

Micah sees Harry at his restaurant. Harry just sits there like a creeper and doesn't order anything. After a while Micah approaches Harry and finds him attractive instantly. He could be a vampire but does Micah really care about that.

This was a good story. It seemed to me that the reader was not sucked in at the beginning fast enough. The introduction should have had more grab to it as the rest of the story is great and worth the read.

Lenore Lovecraft

Rock Stars and Size Queens 
Sean Michael 
Torquere Press Publishers 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-382-5 

Jax is on sebatical with Angel. They are staying at Hercule's home for this time. This could be just the time away that is needed to get things straightened out and remove all that stress. 

This is one of the best things I have read. It has a great story. The characters are well developed. The author manages to do all this at the right pace and the right length.

Lenore Lovecraft

Fighting Addiction 
BA Tortuga 
Torquere Press Publishers 
ISBN: 978-1-61040-377-1 

Tad is Sebastian's account manager. Sebastian is touring as a musician right now and wants to get some new music with some help. He calls his manager to arrange it. Perhaps this inspiration will be more important than music.

This is a good story. It had just the right amount of sizzle and plot. It didn't hurt that the rockstar theme is one of my favorites. It seemed that it took a little too long to get to the sizzle however for my liking.

Lenore Lovecraft

Finding Kasey
Sean Michael
Torquere press 
no isbn given

Curt and Kasey meet in a club. Kasey is signing cds and Curt gets more than a cd by the end of the night.

This was a great little short. The story was well done, developed and paced. There was plenty of sizzle and somehow in so few pages nothing was left out or overdone.

Lenore Lovecraft

The party
Vic Winter
Torquere Press
no isbn given

Joey and Ricky are going to a GLBT club couples party. They go in costumes and enjoy themselves. This is a very good night out for the pair. Will this robin find his batman?

This was a good story. Short and to the point. I do feel that the sizzling sex scenes can always be longer but this seemed a little too short for me.

Lenore Lovecraft

Heart Sense by KL Richardsson

The only son of a traveling merchant, Katjin spends his summer in the clan lands with his grandparents. He wishes his father, his apa, would take him along, but despite the promises that someday he’ll get to go, Katjin is left behind while his apa heads away on business that seems more and more suspicious the older Kat becomes. During one such summer, Katjin finds Mikael, a lost young man, who draws Kat to him by answering his song.
In a world where the Empire brands all people as either ‘paths, people with psychic talent, or as non-’paths, Mikael is remarkable in that he has no brand. Fearing that the cavalry, who are arriving to recruit new members, will find Mikael in their clan and bring the Empire’s fury down upon them, the clan sends Kat and Mikael to hide away until it is safe - along with his cousin Soren to keep them both safe.
Knowing the best way to keep Mikael from being taken is to make him a member of the clan, Soren and Katjin plan a blood bonding ceremony, but they have no idea what kind of trouble they’ve started with their actions. Katjin learns soon enough that he won’t be able to escape his bond with Mikael, and that danger lurks around every corner. Danger that he never knew existed.
Can he keep Mikael safe long enough to figure out exactly what their future holds?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Water Seekers by Michelle Rode

Nuclear devastation is the past. The need for water is the present. Can they survive to find a future?
I watch the sun coming up on my right as I walk. We’ve only got about three hours now before it gets too hot and we have to stop. We’ve learned not to leave it too long, learned not to wait until the last minute to put up our tents and hide within their dubious shelter. The sun will kill you if you let it.
Better to lose daylight, lose marching time, than to get stuck in the full sun. Of course it’s not much better in the middle of the night either. We have to stop and get set up before it gets too cold. The night will kill you if you let it.
Zara talks about what it was like before -- how their days used to be based on being up when the sun was up and sleeping during the night when it was dark. It’s just another one of the differences between then and now. She’s the oldest of us, she tells us about the differences, about how they used to do stuff. A lot of it is really crazy, but I guess that’s natural. I guess that’s why it happened.

New Release for the Holidays

New from Prizm Books...

The Secret to a Perfect Latke
By: Foxglove Lee

11 pages / 5300 words
Buy Link:
Noah has never been on TV before, but he dreams of having his own cooking show one day. When he's asked to help a gourmet chef prepare latkes for a Hanukkah segment on the Sunny and The Bear show, his family is proud but suspicious. Sunny and The Bear is a "lifestyle" show that's popular among straight women, but it's hosted by gay men. What's more, the guests on this show have an uncanny tendency to come out of the closet live on national television...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Under the Willow by Kari Jo Spear

Shane and Cody -- two high school seniors, one growing up lonely and abused on a struggling horse farm, the other a privileged sports star. Each carefully hides a secret truth about himself. Both are unaware of the undercurrents beneath the surface of their quiet Vermont town, currents from the society hidden in the woods, by the streams, in the mountains, and even in the air around them.
Shane and Cody -- both chosen to become part of the culture hidden nearby, but chosen by opposite sides in an elemental struggle that has been underway since the beginning of time. It's up to them to forge a bond between the two groups despite the danger, not just to unite them, but to save them all from the dangers posed by humans who are destroying the world that keeps everyone alive.
Shane and Cody -- who must find their own peace with each other in a world more complicated than they've ever dreamed. A world which is also more wonderful than they've ever imagined.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The World is a Stage by Gail Sterling

After his younger sister is killed in a tragic accident, William Palmer's family flees their quiet Warwickshire village for the bustling metropolis of Elizabethan London. The deaths of his parents and the marriage of his remaining sister soon separate William from his family. Taken on by a company of actors in an era where women are forbidden onstage, William makes a good living playing the parts of young girls and beautiful maidens.
As he gets older, William finds himself growing out of the female stage parts, even as he develops a less than strictly professional interest in his co-star, Jack Hawkins. The course of true love never did run smooth, and William soon finds himself torn between Jack, the return of an elder sister who needs his help, and the mysterious and intriguing son of the company's patron, Lord Evering.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Twilight Gods by Hayden Thorne

London during the Great Exhibition of 1851 is a new world of technological advances, eye-popping inventions, and glimpses of exotic treasures from the East. For fifteen-year-old Norris Woodhead it’s a time of spectral figures mingling with London’s daily crowds, and an old rectory in a far corner of the English countryside, a great house literally caught in time, where answers to curious little mysteries await him. Confined by his family’s financial woes, Norris suffers a lonely and unsatisfying time till the day he (and only he) notices “shadow-folks” in the streets. Then a strange widow appears, rents a vacant room in the house, and takes him under her wing. She becomes his guardian, slowly revealing those shadows’ secrets, Norris’connection with them, and the life-altering choices he has to face in the end.
The Twilight Gods is a retelling of Native American folktale called“The Girl Who Married a Ghost.” Set in Victorian England, it’s an alternative perspective on a gay teen’s coming-out process, with Norris’ journey of self-discovery couched in magical and supernatural terms and imagery.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Tenth Man by Tamara Sheehan

Saul Hornsby is the last magician living in Verusa. Thanks to a plot to destroy the plant where his father was killed, Saul is a wanted man. He has enough problems just hiding from police, and that's before Edward Audel, the most powerful man in Verusa, starts blackmailing him.
Forced into working for Audel, Saul begins searching for a lost family heirloom. The trail takes him under the city, into a dirty subterranean lair where Audel's runaway son, Toven, lives in hiding.
Soon Saul will discover his past, no matter how deeply buried, isn't dead, and that love can be found in the strangest of places. His love for Toven grows, even as he strives to find the truth behind his father's death, and soon Saul, Toven and a shadowy figure known as the Tenth Man join forces to break free of Audel's influence and reclaim their lives.

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Suicide Year by Lena Prodan

Being a military kid isn’t easy. Every year might mean a new school and new friends. But staying in one place is just as hard when a girl doesn’t even fit in with the outcasts. How many secrets can she hold inside, especially when they’re tearing her apart? A crush on a girl at school, bouts of depression, suicide attempts, and fear of life beyond high school are enough to push her to the edge.
The one person she trusts with her secrets abandons her when she desperately needs a friend. Her lifelong dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail is yanked out of her grasp just before it comes to pass. The girl she likes hooks up with a boy. Her father blames her for her mother’s mental illness. And she’s afraid she’ll be outed to her parents. Desperate to escape, she plans the perfect fail-proof suicide, ready to leave all of her problems behind. But as she’s going through the ritual, she finds a savior in herself.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Next Competitor by K.P. Kincaid

It’s the all-important Olympic season and eighteen-year-old American figure skater Alex Grady is discovering that there are many obstacles along the way on his quest to win a gold medal. For starters, he has to get through endless hours of practice under the watchful eye of his stern and slightly terrifying Russian coach. Then he has to contend with his all-American rival, Tanner Nielsen. Tanner has the talent, looks, poise and picture-perfect girlfriend that make him the ideal poster boy for United States figure skating.
Alex has the talent and his looks aren’t bad, but the filter between his brain and his mouth is missing, and he definitely doesn’t have a girlfriend. He doesn’t have a boyfriend either, although he finds himself thinking far too much about pairs skater Matt Savelli, which is ridiculous, since goody two-shoes Matt is totally not his type. Besides, Alex doesn’t have time to worry about dating, not with the Olympics looming, right? Can he find a way to go for the gold and still remain true to himself?

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mediocre Assassins Handbook by Tamara Sheehan

Hyabusa Jao's life is in a slump, and the quality of his work is slipping. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if Jao was in any other business, but he's an assassin, and quality kinda matters. Since the death of his lover, the heart has kind of gone out of Jao's work and now his boss, the sadistic Kazematsuri, wants a favor from him. There's a new opium dealer muscling in on the local scene and the old drug lord, Aso, is getting worried about the safety of his sons.
Masahiro's old enough to look after himself but Ryo's stil la kid and he needs protection. Enter Jao. Too bad for Jao he's not much of a babysitter, and too bad Ryo's brother is damn good looking, because pretty soon Jao's got to keep Masahiro out of trouble too. Can Jao keep it together, or will he be shown up as a mediocre assassin?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Masks: Ordinary Champions by Hayden Thorne

Book Three of the Masks series follows Eric's adventures as a newly-transformed supervillain sidekick. Taking advantage of Eric's relationship with Peter, the Devil's Trill uses him for a shield against the superheroes. In the meantime, new villains and a new, covert vigilante-like group appear, with a young hero with chameleon powers attempting to infiltrate the Trill's hideout and help Eric.
Eric struggles with his conscience and schemes to turn the tables on the Trill, but his powers deteriorate. He grows more and more unstable and unsafe while the Trill's henchmen appear to grow stronger and stronger, as though they were also subjected to the same manipulation that's been used on Eric. As the Trill fights both the heroes and tries to assert his dominance over the new villains, Eric realizes that he doesn't have much time left to set things right on his own, even if it costs him his life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The End by Nora Olsen

When World War Three breaks out, seventeen-year-old Julia is on a school trip to Amsterdam, while fourteen-year-old Marly is trapped in a prison for delinquent girls. They both discover magical amulets, and try their best to save themselves and those around them. But it looks like their best will not be enough, as nuclear war threatens the survival of the human race.
On her journey home to New York, Julia is joined by three other queer teens and the mysterious and alluring Ginger; lipstick lesbian Vikki; and five-thousand-year-old Skilly, who has an amulet that grants him eternal life. When Julia and Marly meet, they are immediately attracted to each other. But romance has to take a back seat as the five friends learn the true powers of the amulets. Can they travel through time to save the world from total destruction?

Monday, November 19, 2012



Hey, y'all!

When I was asked to describe my alter-ego, Dallas Coleman's, first YA piece, all I could think was, Oh, wow.







Zombie brides.

Storm-calling immortal homeless men.




They're all in there, biting and growling and basically screwing things up for mankind. I had a ball writing these guys and I'm very much looking forward to writing more.


Here's an excerpt:

Spook walked across the room, heading right to the corner. Lola was right. There was something here.
God, he was tired. He'd worked all night slinging hash at the Station, then had crawled to the flat, where Lola had been waiting, gauzy fabric draping her, softening the sharp angles and the bulging belly where the babies -- babies, where the fuck were they all going to raise babies? -- were growing. It wasn't really his turn to go tracking, but Harry was down in the sewers looking for a shifter, Kat was working a shift at Jojo's and Greg and Nan were both... well, hibernating.
Right. Hibernating.
Until the sun went down.
Damned blood suckers. Really, Nan was cool, because she was a nurse, but Greg was a bicycle messenger and they didn't work third shift.
Damn it.
So, the Queen Bee and all-around pain in the ass bitch had given him twenty dollars and an address, telling him that Lightning McMann -- bum, nutcase, and uber-talented sensitive with a Meth habit -- had been having problems at that new coffee shop on West.
"Why did I move out here again?" The words were not even loud enough to be a whisper, really, because he knew the answer.
He'd moved because queer, Goth, psychic club kids with the ability to sniff out evil weren't really necessary in Amarillo.
Or wanted.
Or, really, suffered to live.
Oh, man. Good coffee.
The coffee shop was nice, though. Freak-friendly, with a safe-for-the-mundane vibe and a couple of the good chairs. Looked like a place for a little band on a pseudo-stage, too. Wicked.
There was a family sticker above the door, which had him eyeing the twins behind the bar with a distant, sort of prurient interest. There wasn't a thing between them, though, barring that normal sibling, you stole my Cheerios and kissed a boy first kind of mucky connection multiplied by dude, we have matching DNA strands.
Pity, because that would be relatively pretty jack-off material.
Something flared across from him, something willful and damned angry, with a connection that felt like being slapped with a bag of used coffee grounds. Well, hello, aren't you awake and aware and a little possessive?
He put his coffee mug down, watching the clouds of milk in it settle out, reflecting the light from the street outside, the people walking by, and...
There. Eyes. Dark eyes.
He grabbed his cell phone, dialed up the Loft.
Lola answered immediately. "Well?"
"Yeah. Lightning was right."
"It is big?"
Spook shrugged. "It's... real. Does that count?"


Official blurb: 

Twins Marcus and Micah have moved all over the country, trying to find a place to run their favorite business. They love their coffee shop, but there's always something, some sort of malevolent presence always ruins it for them. They don't know who or what it is that haunts them, only that they can't seem to escape it.
This time, though, they may have found just the right place to help them exorcise what ails them. Their new hometown has Spook, who has a pregnant friend, a demon belt buckle, and a way with spirits, as well as a host of other folks who are ready to take Marcus and Micah's problem on. Things get complicated quickly, and nothing is what it seems in this fast-paced urban fantasy.

Much love, y'all!

BA Tortuga