Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy New Release Day

We hope you have a wonderful holiday week! This is the one time of the year you can be whoever you want to be. Put on the costume and go out for some fun!!  Make sure you get some new books to read when you get back in from the fun!

A Strange Place in Time - Book 1
By: Alyx J. Shaw
221 pages / 67000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-598-0
Buy Link:
Raised in a motorcycle gang, John Arrowsmith has a bad case of wanderlust. He's not sure what drives him, but he knows he has to go, and he has the perfect machine to ride on; the big custom bike he calls Harley. When he and Harley get run off the road and wake up someplace completely unfamiliar, Arrowsmith knows something has gone pretty darned wrong.
With a cast of characters that include thieves, Moonhounds, and ogres, John has to find his way through this new world, trying to understand why he's been transported there, and why he's falling for a guy named Infamous. What Arrowsmith finds out surprises him, and might just kill him. Can he survive to find his way home?
Coming Next Week...

The Co-Walkers
by Hermine Steinberg
Join the Co-Walkers on their quest to the Spirit Realm to discover the truth of their existence and prevent their worlds from destruction.  Follow Ashley, Brian, and Matthew on their journey to uncover whether they are pawns in a dangerous conspiracy or prophets about to trigger the Great Awakening.
Genre:  Fantasy-Adventure

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Book: Zirkua Fantastic

Art, in general, is how we commune with the universe. But I feel that music is one of the few truly universal things. I've never in my life met someone that doesn't like at least some music. It's something that everyone responds to, at one point or another, even if we can't explain it.

The circus is no different. Whenever we hear 'Thunder and Blazes,' we think of the circus, because it's become synonymous with circuses and carnivals. Every circus act comes with music because, used correctly, it enhances the feelings an act intends to create.

With music as such an integral part of a circus, I had to ensure it was there. But not just music, since Zirkua Fantastic is not just a circus. While any great music is enthralling, I wanted this to be more. It had to be enchanting. The music of Zirkua, along with everything else, had to have just a touch of magic to it. To me, violins and fiddles are rife with power, if only because of the skill required to play them. To me, being ensorcelled by a violin isn't a great jump from reality. So Zirkua's acts are all performed to violin and fiddle music.

As the caravan rambled down the interstate, Tobias rolled onto his side. The prop wagon wasn't the most comfortable. He'd have to opt out of practice to sleep once they got the tent up. No hope for that here.

He tossed aside the air silk he'd been using as a blanket and sat up, looking around, listening to the truck's tires thud across potholes and cracked pavement. He checked the straps holding the crates, tightened one that had loosened on the drive. "Crap." If one came loose, others could, too. He pushed himself off his stack of crates and toppled when they hit a particularly nasty bump. "When was the last time they fixed up this road?" He dragged himself up and stumbled toward the rear door of the truck, cranking straps tighter as he went. Once he got used to the movement, he sped up, tightening down all the cargo in fifteen or twenty minutes. Only the first strap had come loose.

Wood scraped against wood. His heart beat faster, breath catching. He scanned through the truck. Nothing had moved, to his eye. "Just another bump." Palm pressed to his chest, he tried to force his heartbeat back down to something normal. "Nothing to worry about."

He sat back on his crates and wrapped himself in the air silk. Sleeping or not, he needed a barrier against the cold and, though he would never admit it, it left him feeling safer, more protected against whatever probably wasn't in the truck with him. He scanned the boxes a final time, just in case he had missed something.

Still nothing out of place. Not that Tobias could see much in the dark. He tossed the silk over his head and lay down on the crates, desperate for some semblance of sleep. He sucked in a deep breath. The silk smelled like tobacco.

He heard some kind of rustling and flipped the silk back over his head. Cerulean eyes filled his gaze. The familiar, heady scent rushed into his nostrils. "Marley."

"You sound surprised."

"A little." Marley lifted the silk and climbed in next to Toby, snuggling up so close his scent filled the cocoon. Nice to have you here. "I mean, this is an artist's wagon. It's not really the sort of thing you do."

He chuckled, hot breath cascading over Toby's back. "That's not quite true." He kissed Toby's neck, sending a chill racing along the corded muscles. "I end up in the prop wagon most nights."

"Do you?" He did his best to sound unfazed. In reality, he fought back warm, nervous laughter. "I'd think I would have noticed."

"Well, you did this time."

"So I did." Toby scooted closer, relishing in Marley's warmth. "And I'm very happy about it." He leaned his head against Marley's chest. The slight movement of the fabric wafted more of the intoxicating perfume into the space. "How much longer 'til we get to the next town, you think?"

"I'd give it an hour. Maybe a little more. If I'm any good at guessing distance." Marley pulled Tobias even closer. "You need to get some sleep, babe."

"Not if it's only an hour." He turned over and nuzzled into Marley's shirt, staring up into bright blue eyes. "I'd still be completely useless with only an hour's sleep." He yawned, and then slapped Marley across the arm. "Stop being so damn warm." The end of the sentence got muddled by a second, gaping yawn. "It's like sleeping with a space heater."

"You can't blame me for being hot. In fact, I remember you thanking me profusely on more than one occasion for it."

"Well, it's not very helpful when I'm trying to stay awake."

Marley chuckled. "Then get off."

He nestled closer in response, muttering into Marley's chest. "It's not that unbearable."

Marley wriggled his hand under Toby's chin, lifted his face, kissed him. "I figured that much."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ready for this NEW Release?

Zirkua Fantastic
By: Voss Foster
188 pages / 54900 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-592-8
Buy Link:
Zirkua Fantastic has been running steadily since 1753, amazing its patrons with acts of otherworldly skill and prowess. But that talent comes at a steep price: each artist must give a year of his or her life to the circus. None of them know why, only that the circus' owners will go to whatever lengths are necessary to ensure it. Toby, the hoop dancer at Zirkua Fantastic and son of one of the owners, is content with his life: he enjoys performing and Zirkua's wandering life, and even has a boyfriend among the circus' hawkers. But when a new artist arrives, bringing with him a strange flask and a number of odd occurrences, Toby falls face-first into the truth behind the circus: Its contracts bind King Jester, the immortal embodiment of chaos.
Zirkua's performances and contracts have held King Jester prisoner for centuries, but now something's amiss. King Jester's sister, Dragon, has escaped her own bonds and is working to free her brother, and his power is growing. If he is loosed on the world, it will mean the worst war in human history and the end of civilization... unless Zirkua Fantastic can find a way to stop him.
Coming Next Week...

Strange Place in Time
by Alyx J. Shaw

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Release Day

A Deal with the Enemy
By: Jessica Ennis
17 pages / 4200 words
Buy Link:
All-American Brenden has a crush on the weird boy at school. Brenden’s best friend Alex is also gay, so that’s not the problem. The problem is that Alex hates Brenden's crush with a fiery passion. Can he prove to Brenden that he's a good enough friend to support Brenden no matter what? The price may be more than he or Brenden are willing to pay, though, when Brenden's crush stumbles upon their deadly secret and nearly dies in the process.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dromos: One year later.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would say a year after Dromos was published. It was either too long or too short so I thought I'd show you guys where the inspiration came from. After finishing the first draft of Dromos, I knew something was missing but i didn't know what. 
 For years I collected cardboard rig packing not really knowing what their purpose would be until one night when I was revising the first version of Dromos. Originally it was more like a bazaar/carnival of the damned which shows up a little in the final version but I didn’t have a look for the world and I knew that as much as I love mysterious markets showing up in my stories I couldn’t rely on just that every time…and that’s when I remembered the rig packing.

What was interesting were the three pieces I had.

The cardboard used for spray rig packing is shaped in odd ways and unique with each type of rig model which set my imagination of fire. My mind had to get the rest of the way in creating the iron factory, but the earth-tone and texture still mix real well with lighting to create the illusion of a stone structure. 

A mysterious cave?

The overhang of an ancient tomb?

And now that I have a camera on my phone I can walk into a thrift store and find an alien temple on the shelf. 

The point is that you can find inspiration in lots of different places and now we have technology that allows us to photograph an idea on a whim. Who knows what I'll use this for? The point is that your eyes see more than you think and now you have gigabytes of memory that will keep it stored until you're ready to make something out of it.  

I hope to have two novels out before the end of this year. One of them will be a continuation of Dromos. I kept hearing from people that read it and how they wanted more. If it does publish, this one will be gigantic in comparison. Hopefully I'll have more information soon along with news about the current novel I'm submitting for publication. Until then, remember if you have a camera on your phone, look around once in a while and use it for more than just a selfie.