Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dromos: One year later.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would say a year after Dromos was published. It was either too long or too short so I thought I'd show you guys where the inspiration came from. After finishing the first draft of Dromos, I knew something was missing but i didn't know what. 
 For years I collected cardboard rig packing not really knowing what their purpose would be until one night when I was revising the first version of Dromos. Originally it was more like a bazaar/carnival of the damned which shows up a little in the final version but I didn’t have a look for the world and I knew that as much as I love mysterious markets showing up in my stories I couldn’t rely on just that every time…and that’s when I remembered the rig packing.

What was interesting were the three pieces I had.

The cardboard used for spray rig packing is shaped in odd ways and unique with each type of rig model which set my imagination of fire. My mind had to get the rest of the way in creating the iron factory, but the earth-tone and texture still mix real well with lighting to create the illusion of a stone structure. 

A mysterious cave?

The overhang of an ancient tomb?

And now that I have a camera on my phone I can walk into a thrift store and find an alien temple on the shelf. 

The point is that you can find inspiration in lots of different places and now we have technology that allows us to photograph an idea on a whim. Who knows what I'll use this for? The point is that your eyes see more than you think and now you have gigabytes of memory that will keep it stored until you're ready to make something out of it.  

I hope to have two novels out before the end of this year. One of them will be a continuation of Dromos. I kept hearing from people that read it and how they wanted more. If it does publish, this one will be gigantic in comparison. Hopefully I'll have more information soon along with news about the current novel I'm submitting for publication. Until then, remember if you have a camera on your phone, look around once in a while and use it for more than just a selfie.  

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