Friday, September 28, 2012

Fair Catch by Del Darcy

When Blake Thompson meets Alex Ayers, his rival on the football field, the attraction is instant. For one tumultuous high school season, their teams clash as they fall in love.
Playing for the Mustangs, Blake works to carve out a place for himself in the always-frustrating role of backup quarterback. He tries to put out of his mind how unlikely it is that someone like him -- a little too short, from a backwater town -- could make it in college football.
Alex is now with the rival Patriots, poised to add to his string of records in placekicking. His family has bounced from town to town across the Midwest, spending barely a year in any one place because of his dad's construction jobs. The college scouts are starting to notice Alex, and a bright future in football beckons.
Blake is able to put aside his feeling that he's just trailing in Alex's wake, overshadowed by Alex's star quality, until Alex gets a scholarship to a prestigious Texas school.
Will jealousy destroy Blake's regard for his boyfriend? Can Alex learn to settle down and trust someone, despite his vagabond life? If he leaves, what becomes of their love affair?

Introduction: Voss Foster

If you want to get to know someone, look at their bookshelf.

I've been saying that almost as long as I've been ogling bookshelves (Do you think I’m kidding? Invite me over for coffee some time. I’m looking at your bookshelf. Even if I have to wait for you to disappear to the bathroom.). So, since I’m new here, this is a sampling of what’s on my bookshelf:

The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem
The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling
The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
Misadventures in a Thumbnail Universe by Vincent W. Sakowski
The Changeling Race Trilogy by Frances Pauli
The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn
The Millennium Trilogy (I’m seeing a trend here) by Stieg Larsson

So that’s me in a nutshell. Oh. That’s not enough? Are you sure? Drat. All right, I’ll try it the traditional way. Under protest.

I’m Voss Foster, speculative fiction author, editor, grammarian, and amateur belly dancer. A lot of times, people try and get me to tell them why I write speculative fiction. Well, I've never had an answer. My brain is just hardwired to turn every little thing into nicotine-addicted fairies, giant space tarantulas, and demons.

In my upcoming release, Tartaros, through Prizm Books, those demons run a little wild. Well, more than a little. Apocalyptically wild. I thought it sounded like a pretty good romp, so I ran with them. And, early next year (I don’t want to say when exactly. I might jinx it.), I hope you’ll run with them. Just make sure you bring your holy water, in case they get a little bit too wild for your liking. It tends to scare most of them off.

As we get closer to the release date, there’s going to be more about it, mostly over at my blog, Demon Hunting and Tenth Dimensional Physics. Heck, I don’t even know what could be in store. Those demons can get a little bit restless, sometimes.

For now, if you’re dying for a taste of my writing (Don’t lie. I know you are.), I have a page of published works over at my blog. If I were you, I’d check it out. I heard it on the street that I’m pretty awesome. Can’t remember who said it. It might have been me.

For now, toodles and blessed be,

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Silent One by Kari Jo Spear

Gareth's life is violent, frightening, and lonely. Abandoned by his parents and left to a series of harsh foster homes, he becomes as tough as the scar on his cheek. Death and destruction follow him. Sometimes, it actually seems like people are trying to kill him. By the time Gareth is in high school, friends are a luxury he can do without.
But deep inside, Gareth is tender, compassionate, and very gay. The only living soul Gareth lets into his heart is a silent young man who keeps saving his life. Every time Gareth gets a good look at his guardian, the man mysteriously vanishes. Does he even exist? Gareth isn't sure, until the day at school when his world implodes. Teachers suddenly know way more about him than they should. His secret guardian lies wounded on the darkroom floor. Before Gareth knows it, he and his guardian are on the run. Not only is Gareth more important than he ever dreamed, but the future of an entire planet depends on him. It's going to take all the courage and love Gareth has to face his destiny.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunblood by Maria Mora

Caleb, sub-citizen 45201, is a psychic slave in the massive biodome known as the City -- the only civilized community left on his wasted planet. He can’t remember his life before he was taken to the City and experimented on by scientists trying to control his unusual gift.
Despite having no rights, Caleb knows his life isn’t all that bad. His Keeper, Daniel, secretly allows him to play in the minds of the City’s inhabitants. Caleb likes Daniel -- probably more than he should -- and once in a while the cafeteria has some delicious cookies.
Caleb’s small freedoms don’t seem like all that much until even those are threatened. When Caleb is targeted by those who fear his powers, he discovers exactly how much he has to lose.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Re-Launch Sale!!

We are having a 15% off sale on the new redesigned site until Friday October 5th at midnight (est). Come on over to the site and shop around. We have new books and there will be additional new books coming soon.

If you are an author or aspiring author come over and check out our submissions guidelines and calls for submissions.

We look forward to continuing to please you with our Young Adult line! Watch for specials each week.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Special Calls for Submissions

Current Special Calls


Gemstones are a fun series with a gemstone theme completely and solely interpreted by the author (i.e. Using the stone itself, the color of the stone, the mystical meaning of the stone, the area the stone is mined, use your imagination). We're looking for unique takes on the theme, interesting characters, and attention to storyline. If multiple stories are submitted which fit the theme, more than one Gemstone may run.
• 10,000 words and up
• standard royalty rates apply
• exclusive electronic 2 year contract
Please email questions and submissions to with Gemstones in the subject line.
See our general guidelines for formatting and general submission information.


Spectrums are currently open for submissions.
Just pick a color and run with it. Whether you go with what the color looks like, the feelings it evokes, or the emotions associated with it, let the color be your guide.
These stories will be at least 10,000 words (but can be longer), and have a happy ever after (or at least happy for now) ending in any genre. We're looking to do all the colors of the rainbow from Alabaster to Zymenchlora.
A particular color will only be available once per year. Please email questions and submissions to with Spectrums in the subject line.
See our general guidelines for formatting and general submission information.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open for Submissions

Prizm Books is open to submissions in all categories. Click here for current open anthology and special calls.

We publish all genres paranormal, contemporary, western, suspense, etc.. We do require a happy ending, whether that ending is happily ever after or happy for now. We offer our readers basic YA books as well as Edgy YA books.

We publish lengths from 3000 words and up. Our pricing struct
ure is based solely on word count.

All submissions to Prizm Books must adhere to the following guidelines or they will be discarded unread.

All submissions must specify if they are mainstream or LGBT characters as well as the genre. Acceptance preference will be given to stories with fully realized characters and highly developed story lines.

All manuscripts must be submitted to as an attachment in either .doc, .txt, or .rtf format.

Length standards:
• Novel - 45,000 words and up (ebooks & print)
• Novella - 20-45,000 words (ebook only)
• Novelette - 10-20,000 words (ebook only)
• Short Stories - Under 10,000 words (ebook only)

All submissions must
• be spell checked and edited for grammar.
• be single spaced with a space in between paragraphs. Indents at the beginning of paragraphs are not necessary. Any submissions with severe formatting problems (ie: blocks of text with no paragraph breaks, illegible fonts) will not be read.
• labeled in subject line of email as a submission, and include if mainstream or LGBT and the genre
• include a word count and a brief synopsis of the work.
• all spelling should be in American English
• include a short bio of the author along with the author's contact information. Authors may use a pseudonym for their work, but we will need full legal names and contact information for contracts. All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

We will not accept stories with pedophilia; incest or those containing rape for titillation or other gratuitous violence. We will not accept stories with bestiality (relationships with animals occurring in natural life not including shapeshifters). We will also reject stories that are clearly a copyright infringement, including any that have been converted from fan fiction or that are based on TV shows, movies, or literary characters. We do accept simultaneous submissions, however we require you to update us if there is any interest in your submission from another publisher or if it is accepted elsewhere. We do accept multiple submissions.

Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted at any time. Please remember, however, that current projects take precedence, and while we will acknowledge all submissions in a timely manner, it may take some time for one of our editors to review your work. Please allow 3-8 weeks for a response. All accepted works will need to be provided to us as an electronic file, and please note we are now using electronic contracts.

Email submissions to