Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mediocre Assassins Handbook by Tamara Sheehan

Hyabusa Jao's life is in a slump, and the quality of his work is slipping. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if Jao was in any other business, but he's an assassin, and quality kinda matters. Since the death of his lover, the heart has kind of gone out of Jao's work and now his boss, the sadistic Kazematsuri, wants a favor from him. There's a new opium dealer muscling in on the local scene and the old drug lord, Aso, is getting worried about the safety of his sons.
Masahiro's old enough to look after himself but Ryo's stil la kid and he needs protection. Enter Jao. Too bad for Jao he's not much of a babysitter, and too bad Ryo's brother is damn good looking, because pretty soon Jao's got to keep Masahiro out of trouble too. Can Jao keep it together, or will he be shown up as a mediocre assassin?

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