Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dromos by G. Arden O'Feden

     Dromos by G. Arden O'Feden

   First off allow me to apologize for the delay in introducing myself. The explanation is simple; around new technology I turn into an adorable chimpanzee trying to figure out string theory. Let me tell you a little about myself and my short story.

    I'm originally from a town in Texas called Denton. I was attending the University of North Texas and about to become partners with a paranormal investigator when I took up writing instead. I still do paranormal research on the side with my best friend, but only to get ideas for new books. I'm no expert with the supernatural and most of the time all I do is watch what happens and carry everything.

    I'd like to say I do fantasy and science fiction more than horror, but the word I like to use to describe what I write about is long and confusing. Portals is a better word, I like to write about Portals, doors, and gateways. Writing about secret doors and accidental passages let's me put all three together; fantasy lets me build a world, sci-fi  lets me explore a new one, and horror gives me that eerie feeling that another world is watching me just beneath the surface. A world like Dromos.

   Originally the story was supposed to be about a world of human torture for the amusement of supernatural creatures, but I kept feeling that it was missing something. While torture is very real and relevant, most of us will never experience it so I added something that everyone experiences; work. Work happens in different ways but we all do it so I thought if I took my former world of torture and masked it with something everyone understood and accepted as normal it would resonate with readers. I haven't heard back from family members who read it so I hope I was right.

    Whatever happens I'm still the happiest kid at Six Flags because of Prizm. I can't thank everyone enough for an opportunity that very few get to have. I've felt nothing but welcome and encouragement from everyone and I hope I can return the favor.

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Kristi Boulware said...

We hope to continue to see your writings. Being a happy kid at Six Flags is a great feeling!!