Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Release from Foxglove Lee & Coming Soon

New This Week from Prizm Books...

I Know What Gay Is
By: Foxglove Lee
15 pages / 4000 words
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When the couple next door asks Jay to babysit, he can't help wondering… why him? Did they hire Jay as some kind of queer role model because they suspect little Sarah is gay?
At the park, when Sarah and Jay run across the guy he's been pseudo-stalking, Sarah insists she’s a boy. Darien’s sheer sexiness makes Jay pretty brain-dead, and he can't think what to talk about except how Sarah wants everyone to call her Frank.  The funny kid reminds Darien of his transgender cousin.  Could Sarah be trans, too? Should Jay talk to her parents?  What if they say it's none of his business? What if they fire him?
Well, then he'll just have to spend his summer watching Darien work in the park, sweaty and shirtless...
Coming Next Week...

Just for Kicks
by Rachael Kenwick
Pulled along on an impossible adventure, Meriwether Brookes discovers her true identity and soars into the world of superheroes. But when she comes face to face with a soul-sucking supervillain, a grave secret is revealed and she must decide which is more important: revenge for her parents’ death, or saving the human race.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Superhero/Comic Adventure

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