Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Release & Pre-Order Available

by Alyssa Astra
Pages: 257 / Words: 70000
Aiden Adams, a transgender teen, begins writing in a journal when he moves to a new town named Ashmore and begins “passing." He is counting on everyone to believe that he is the every bit the male he appears to be. Writing in his journal helps him unclog his brain as he writes about the daily struggles he faces as a transgender teenager, his painful past that he is trying to forget, the new friends he is making, and the beautiful girl named Abby whom he has fallen in love with. Aiden has already come out to his open-minded mother, but will Abby be just as understanding?
When Aiden loses his journal, he worries that the secret he is trying so desperately to keep will come out. And if it does, how will everyone react? Will Abby be able to cope with everyone knowing that he is transgender? Will his new friends accept Aiden for who he really is—a boy—or will everything fall apart?

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Coming 9/30/15

The Dybbuk's Revenge
by Alisse Lee Goldenberg
The Dybbuk's Revenge follows the continuing adventures of Carrie and her friends. In the time since the events of The Strings of the Violin and The Dybbuk's Mirror, Asmodeus has been growing his army and is determined to get his vengeance for all that his daughter Emilia and her friend Carrie have done to stop him. Hampered by the fact that he is now confined in a mortal body, Asmodeus fights to keep his power, and hide his limitations. Meanwhile, Carrie, Lindsay, Rebecca and Emilia are all determined to live their lives in peace, ignoring the threat looming over all of them and those they love.

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