Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Clawed Monet releases today from A.M. Bostwick!

From A.M. Bostwick

My first love was writing. A close second, animals. Some of my earliest memories include crawling into a box of kittens, snuggling with them and wanting to be a part of their little family.

One of the first stories I ever wrote at about four years old is called, “The Kitten Who Was Scared of Everything.” I wrote it out on lined paper, illustrated it, and tied it together with string to look more “professional.” I gave it to my mother, whom I assumed would seek publication for it straight away. Of course, I still have that little “book.” The plot is lacking, my spelling is atrocious and the pictures leave something to be desired, but it still makes me smile. I’ve always had the drive to tell stories.

My first novel, The Great Cat Nap, released in 2013. The following year, it garnered the Council for Wisconsin Writers Tofte/Wright Children’s Literature Award. It wasn’t until I was standing at that podium, award in hand, that I truly realized how far I’d come from that little girl in the kitten box. All these years later, and I’m still fascinated by cats and the written word.

My newest novel, The Clawed Monet, releases today with Prizm. I could not have asked for a better team on bringing this book into the world. From editing and proofing to marketing and chatting with other authors, it has been a pleasure and I am so grateful to them for believing in my work.

While The Clawed Monet is the sequel to The Great Cat Nap, it also a standalone. In The Clawed Monet, Ace the Cat’s adventures find him tail deep sleuthing and solving mysteries. I hope you’ll join him.

Feline reporter-turned-detective Ace is on the trail of a new mystery following the scandalous opening of a new art exhibit at the historic Rhys Art Museum. When opening night is lights out after a peculiar power failure and a priceless Monet reproduction is clawed beyond repair, all paws point to the new curator’s prim and proper feline – Miss Kitty. Hired by Miss Kitty, Ace and his feline friends are out to find the real criminal and restore the untarnished reputation of Miss Kitty and her art curator companion before they are fired. Setting aside his duties at The Oakdale Register, Ace finds himself trailing the shadow of a “ghost cat” through the historic district and a cemetery, as well as interrogating museum guests, local residents and even a so-called mysterious psychic cat to try and solve the crime. He’ll have to fend off a pack of Dobermans and contend with a gang of raccoons– all under tight deadline. This mystery is filled with adventure, suspense and humor – all from the first-person point-of-view from a cat.

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