Friday, October 12, 2012

City/Country by Nickey Gray

When Cody heads off to rural Georgia for the gay version of the popular reality TV show, City/Country, he has no idea that things are going to be so disorganized. What starts out as a legitimate offer from network TV dissolves into a farce where Cody and the other four guys who agreed to do the show are being used as guinea pigs for a doctoral thesis.
Cody can’t turn down the offer of enough money to go to college, though, and agrees to do the show along with the others: rough and ready Frank, punky Paki, quiet Alan and mysterious Shay. Things go from bad to worse once the show gets rolling, with the producer, Kendra, acting like the worst kind of smarmy used-car salesman, encouraging the guys to turn on each other.
As the unwilling leader of the group, Cody tries to play the game the best way he can, but everyone seems to be against him. Alan has a crush on him, and Cody thinks Alan is sweet, but it’s surly, hard-to-read Shay that captures his attention. When a few careless mistakes turn the rest of the house against him, Cody knows he has to do something, because things are not only complicated, they’re getting dangerous. Can Cody and the rest of the guys outwit Kendra and survive their time in the middle of nowhere?

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