Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Release: Dromos by G. Arden O'feden

Thousands of people go missing each year, and Everett Lacrowe discovers where they go when he falls into a world where the only purpose seems to be collecting others like himself. While most people in Dromos accept their surroundings and use a pointless routine to distract themselves, Everett will attempt to find out a way out.
by G. Arden O'feden
Pages: 11 / Words: 3500
Genre: Prizm Pinch, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Paranormal/Horror
Age Rating: Young Adult
The last shop had a back entrance to the alley where the dumpster sat. With the last of the trash in my hands, I stepped through the door into a wall of rain, slipped on the pavement under my feet, and fell into an ocean. Before I had the chance to ponder why I was about to drown in a puddle, a current sent me into downward darkness. The force of the pull launched me into the light and onto a metal floor.
Where I awoke exists somewhere between the physical and the real, in the depths of a city nowhere near Earth --a factory is the easiest way I can describe it. The ceiling arched upward like a ribcage of iron girders, to a grey dome pulsating with waves of luminous water sealed off by a glass casing at the top. If this place had an exterior, I never saw it. For all I knew, I was looking at the exterior.

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