Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Hero's Tale by Stephen A. Spellman

Mr. Ireman is on his way from New York City to visit his in-laws across the country when he discovers that his plane has been hijacked by knife- and bomb-wielding terrorists. Now, John is no hero. He’s nothing more than a simple man with a simple life. But once his very existence is plunged into imminent danger, he finds that there can be a hero in the most unlikely of packages. As the life or death drama plays on, he, as well as his fellow passengers find that in each of them there lies a well of untapped and insurmountable strength. The terrorists began with the upper hand, but by the end of the flight, it is the passengers who are in control of their destiny.
by Stephen A. Spellman
 19 / Words: 5800
Genre: Prizm Pinch, Contemporary, Action
Age Rating: Edgy Young Adult
Ebook zipped file contains: html, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc, epub

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