Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Paranormal Release!

New From Prizm Books...

The Shroud Eaters
By: Alyx J Shaw

240 pages / 71000 words
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In this day of modern health and sanitation, few consider vampires more than a charming myth, a sexy little fantasy for when we are home and safe, and the street lamps and house lights keep away the night. But what happens when the lights fail, and old horrors rise from the grave to show they are no myth?
Deirdre has been a vampire since the 1600s, has seen a lot of history and knows quite a bit about her own species as well. She knows that there are many more types of vampires than the ones seen in movies and on TV. The modern version of the vampire is not an accurate one, and she also knows that being a vampire herself doesn't keep her safe from her own kind. A whisper in a graveyard, a shuffling footstep outside the door, the low, steady droning moan of the mindless undead are all warnings. For centuries she has managed to stay safe, but when she chances to meet a vampire of her own century, she is unaware that a monster is on his trail.
And now that monster is seeking her as well…
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