Thursday, May 9, 2013

Author Extra: Shel's Moor by Jessica Ennis

Shel's Moor by Jessica Ennis

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Cedric and his best friend and schoolmate Brigham can't resist the mysteries
of the Moor near Cedric's house, especially after hearing tales of a
monster. The monster they seek turns out to be a young werewolf living in
isolation -- who cannot risk word of his existence getting to the
superstitious townsfolk. In order to assure his continued safety, the
werewolf takes Brigham as a hostage. While Brigham faces confinement with a
monster, he will soon discover the young man underneath the legend.

Author Extra:

To celebrate the end of Garrison's first full year at Harper Adams, Brigham
decided a holiday was in order. The two boys finally managed to wheedle away
from Cedric and his girlfriend Harriet for one full week and absconded to a
beautiful seaside shack in Blackpool. The week was spent in delirious
ecstasy; they lay on the beach until their noses were pink and their
shoulders threatened blisters. They showered together, keeping the water
cool. The shower stall filled with grains of sand, and their too-gangly
mens' feet on boys' bodies kicked at each other as they laughed and reached
in the tiny stall. Soap smeared from body to body, at first accidentally,
and then intentionally. Next came lotion to soothe the fresh day's burns,
hands and mouths roaming, and breath on ears in the summery delight of
scents as salty as the ocean. Finally, they always had dinner out. 

Garrison and Brigham together possessed very little in the way of money, so
they made due with meals from a fish and chips stand, or a back alley curry
joint. It hardly mattered. Afterward, the beach was waiting again, and now
they smelled of patchouli and drank cheap wine that made Garrison's aches
ease and Brigham's eyes grow wide with lust. At night, they often slept on
the beach, rivaling the waves with their own sounds. Before dawn, before
anyone could catch them, they came inside for a breakfast of wine, toast,
and berries. Then they wandered back onto the beach to sleep all day in the
sun, until their noses were pink and their shoulders once again threatened

"This is what I want to be when I grow up." Brigham sighed into the
shorebirds' calls.

"What, a lazy berk?" Garrison asked.

Brigham pouted in mock offense. "I want to be on the beach, in love."

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