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Review Round-Up April 7 - May 10, 2013

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Hearts on Fire Reviews

The Easter Bunny (Prizm Books) by Charlie Purcell 
Happy Birthday, Klutzface (Prizm Books) by Foxglove Lee 

Brief Encounters

Monster Town (Prizm Books) by Dakota Chase

Affair de Couer Magazine AdC

The Shroud Eaters 
Alyx J Shaw
Torquere Press 
feb 2013

    Deirdre is a proper lady and behaves as such. She does not want to attract any unwanted attention. She is a vampire and is trying to pass to avoid trouble. Thomas is her husband who wants a heir that Deirdre is trying to provide. Can she give him what he needs in her vampiric state.

    This was an overall story. What really got me down about it was the old fashoined nature of it. The language with lords, ladies, and servants was not my thing. This is a personal preference on my part but it was something that just got me. The pacing was also a little slow for me.

Lenore Lovecraft

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