Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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Love of the Hunter
By: V.L. Locey 141 pages / 45500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-606-2

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Everyone down on Earth thinks the life of a Greek sun god is a walk through Elysium. They could never be more wrong. Apollo, the ever youthful son of Zeus is far from home, banished from Olympus to live and train with the Titan, Helios. To make matters worse, Apollo is still mourning the loss of his lover Hyacinthus. Life becomes a daily routine of shame, drudgery, and abuse until the young hunter Orion appears at the eastern end of the world, seeking the healing touch of a Titan.

When Helios refuses to aid yet another offspring of the usurping gods, Apollo hides Orion and heals the hunter as best as his fledgling powers allow. Blinded eyes heal slowly, and the son of Zeus and the son of Poseidon find themselves falling in love as months go by. But the gods of Olympus see all, and Skyfather Zeus is disapproves of the budding relationship. Can the love of two young lovers  stand against the disapproval and fury of the god of men? Or will the night skies forever be changed?

Moon of the Goddess
By: Cathy Hird 217 pages / 61700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-612-3

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Thalassai, pampered princess of ancient Tiryns, wakes from a dream and discovers she has been kidnapped. Her fear grows to terror when she realizes her kidnappers intemd to use her as a pawn to gain Poseidon’s aid for their valley. The mother goddess, who in the past sustained the valley, calls a bloodred harvest moon into the spring sky. She will challenge Poseidon for the allegiance of her people and assist the princess.

Thalassai’s brother Melanion rides north to rescue her, and finds allies among the servants of the goddess. Slowed by bandits, Melanion is forced to take a tunnel under the mountains even though earthquakes have rendered it hazardous. He skirts the edge of Hades’ kingdom as he races to reach his sister in time. Caught between the mother goddess and the rising power of Olympus, will Thalassai break under the strain or find the strength she needs to stand up to her captors?

Set in the days of Helen of Troy and the great heroes of Greece, this story takes the reader on a fast paced journey across the sun-drenched landscape of Homer and deep into darkness.

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