Monday, December 16, 2013

Author Extra: The Syrup Incident by Ava Kelly

The Syrup Incident by Ava Kelly

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Andy gets dragged by Jerry into spying on their other roommate, who may or
may not be hiding a bloody knife in her purse. Taking trips into her closet
and following her into alleys on the bad side of town only increase Andy’s
internal struggle with his feelings for Jerry. As shenanigans morph into
clich├ęs and turn their lives into a rom-com movie set, will the boys find
their ways into each other’s arms?

Author Extra:

The first time Jerry meets Andy, he thinks that they could be good
roommates. The second time Jerry talks to Andy, he thinks that they could be
awesome friends. The third day Jerry wakes in their apartment, coming out of
the shower with his usual towel-clad swag, Andy walks into a wall.

Jerry stops thinking.

The first time Dennis spends the night at Andy and Jerry’s, he thinks he’s
imagining how Andy glares at Jerry’s T-shirt. The second time Dennis runs
into the boys on campus, he thinks it’s almost cute how they keep eating
from each other’s plate. The third time Dennis goes to a concert with his
friends, he thinks that Jerry holding Andy from behind in the crowd to be
protected by strangers needs to be addressed.

Dennis stops thinking and calls Sharon.

The first time Sharon worked at a shelter, it was for community service. The
second time Sharon met Eric, she wanted to test his IQ –- the man was a
genius. The third time she did Dennis a favor, she ended up apologizing to
Eric for a week.

Sharon stops what she’s doing when the thought pops in her head. “Hey, Eric!
Where did you put those hidden cameras that crazy dude donated?”

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