Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Release from Alyx J. Shaw

A Strange Place in Time - Book 2
By: Alyx J. Shaw
187 pages / 54400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-635-2
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What do a biker, a drunk dwarf, a half-elven thief, a wizard and god of insanity have in common? More than a person would think. John Arrowsmith, a lost biker who managed to fall through a liminal between two worlds to land of Dargoth, has reached the City of the White Palace, but his adventure is far from over. The palace has risen, and a number of delegates from all over the land have come to speak with the Wizard-King. Strange happenings give rise to concern, and old enemies are rising from the grave to darken the land once more. Complications, both big and small, combine in a tangled and threatening plot, and only the gods themselves know what is happening. But the gods are not speaking, and when Arrowsmith finally decides (with a little prodding) to ask them, he encounters something that only adds to the tangle. Recovering now from a violent attack by the god of madness, it becomes clear that he and his friends and half-elven lover Infamous are going to have to fight subterfuge with subterfuge. Which begs the question – where exactly does one find a five foot ten inch albino virgin prince…?
Coming Next Week...

Your Heart was a Legend
by Emily Nakanishi
Frankie is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Tobias. In a small town with even smaller minds, how can he even come out of the closet, let alone confess his feelings?
Genre: Contemporary, Teen, Coming of Age

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